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 Post subject: A little bit of Chemistry any one?
PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:35 pm 

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Ok, I've been all over the internet and can not seem to get an answer for what I am looking for. I was hoping some one here could help out with this.

When you get to the 5th and 6th Periods on the Periodic Table, things get a little more complicated.
In the 5th period we know that Cs and Ba (Cesium & Barium) are S-Block elements. Ba being element 56 the next element 57 is La (Lanthanum) which starts the Lanthanide series. We know from our formula that the F-Block elements can have only 14 elements, but if we include La or Lu (Lutetium) element 71 there are 15 elements. My question is which element is consider a D-Block element, would it be La or Lu?
Some sites list La as D-Block due to its electron configuration, since it has no electrons in the f-orbitals, however some list Lu as the start of the D-Block elements. By answering this question the same pattern would follow for the Actinides which start with element 89 Ac (Actinium) through element 103 Lr (Lawrencium). This is for a project that I am currently working on. Thank you in advance.

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