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 Post subject: Need Help With String Manipulation
PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2011 1:54 pm 

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My objective is to pass a pointer of a char[] into a function. This char[] will hold the file's name and extension. I already know how to pull out the extenstion. But what I am trying to do, is the take everything in the string up to and including the "." then I wan't to contatinate this name with a different exetension. Any help would help very much.

int foo( FILE *fp, char *szFilename ) {

   // Test If Filename Is Valid
   int iLength = (int)strlen( szFilename ); // szFilename is correct in debugger
   if ( iLength < 4 ) {
      return -1;
   // Make A Local Copy Of Filename
   char *szFile;
   unsigned int uiSize = strlen( szFilename ) + 1;
   szFile = new char[uiSize];
   strcpy_s( szFile, uiSize, szFilename );
   _strlwr_s( szFile, uiSize );             // Local is correct in debugger

   char szType[5];
   // Get Last 3 Character Of The Filename
   strcpy_s( szType, 5, &szFile[iLength-3] );
   // Convert szType To Lower Case
   _strlwr_s( szType, 5 );                  // szType is .ext in debugger
   // Below Is where Im stuck, Not sure How to create this new char and
   // Copy in the " somefile. " where somefile is unsigned

   // Get The Name Of The File
   char *szName = new char[uiSize-5];
   memset( szName, 0, uiSize-5 );
   for ( unsigned int uiIndex = 0; uiIndex < (uiSize-5); uiIndex++ ) {
      // Assertion Error Thrown Here
      strcpy_s( &szName[uiIndex], (uiSize-4), &szFile[uiIndex] ); 
   // Once Top Is Right And I Have The Random File Name In szName. Then I need To
   // Use strncat_s() on it to append .txt and add the null terminator, if needed
   // After I Have The original name with the new extension, I then want to write it to a file.

   // More Code Below
   // ...
   // ...

   return 0;
} // foo

int main() {

int main() {
char szFilename[256];
memset( szFilename, 0, 256 );
_snprintf_s( szFilename, 255, 255, "somefile.ext" );  // .ext is short for extension
szFilename[255] = 0;

   FILE *fp;
   fopen_s( &fp, szFilename, "rb" );
   if ( !fp ) {
      printf( "Can not open file.\n" );
   return -1;

   printf( "file open.\n" );

   foo( fp, szFilename );

   fclose( fp );

return 0;

This would help me out alot, and Thank you in advance. If there is an easier way to do the above that would be helpful too. Thank You!

 Post subject: Re: Need Help With String Manipulation
PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:25 pm 

Joined: Sat Aug 16, 2008 7:58 am
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I was able to get the above code to work, you can refer to my post in the OpenGL series in The Caligari Parser section.

 Post subject: Re: Need Help With String Manipulation
PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:05 pm 

Joined: Sat Aug 16, 2008 7:58 am
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I have this code block I am working on but I keep getting an unhandled exception

// -----------------------------------------------------------------------
// SearchFileNames()
// Search Through Our Vector For Filenames To See If It Already Exists
unsigned int ImageFile::SearchFileNames( const char *szFilename ) {

   // You Do Not Have To Check Our std::vector Of std::strings To
   // See If .end() == .begin() Since We Will Always Have At Least
   // One String Saved. This Happens The Moment Our Constructor Is
   // Called. If A Filename Doesn't Exist It Is Automatically Pushed
   // Back. If We Are Inside This Function. This Also Means We Have
   // The Right File Type.
   unsigned int uiIndex;

   // Iterate Through Our Names And Check If File Name Already Exists
   for ( int i = 0; i < (int)_vFileNames.size(); ++i ) {
      if ( strcmp( _vFileNames[i].c_str(), szFilename ) == 0 ) {
         // Match Found
         printf( "Filename already exists. Do you want to rename this file?\n" );
         char* c = "";
         gets_s( c, 1 );
         _strlwr_s( c, 1 );
         if ( strcmp( c, "y" ) == 0 ) {
            // User Wants To Overwrite
            _vFileNames[i] = Format( szFilename );

            // More Here Loading Opening Modifiying Etc...
            // Howerver, This Can Be Done Outside Of This
            // Function Call Using Our Index Value To Find
            // Its File Pointer And Filename.

            return uiIndex = (unsigned int)_vFileNames.size();
         } else if ( strcmp( c, "n" ) == 0 ) {
            // User Does Not Want To Overwrite
            return uiIndex = (unsigned int)_vFileNames.size();
      } else {
         // File Not Found Add To Our Vector
         _vFileNames.push_back( Format( szFilename ) );
         return uiIndex = (unsigned int)_vFileNames.size();
   return uiIndex = (unsigned int)_vFileNames.size();   

} // SearchFileNames

even if i replace gets_s( c, 1 ); with std::cin >> c; or change char c* = ""; to a char c; and replace gets_s( c, 1 ) with getchar. and replace any place where c is used with &c, I still get errors. LOL
All three ways compiles and builds but I keep getting runtime errors.

I just want the user to press a y/n to make a choice... and to press enter afterwards...

 Post subject: Re: Need Help With String Manipulation
PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:00 am 
Site Admin

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The problem here is that you are not declaring any memory to store the characters that the user enters. You declared a pointer char* c however gets_s expects to have room for some memory.

replace char* c with something like char c[max_size]; Now you have some room to store the results.

Also make sure you check the return value of gets_s to make sure that your buffer was actually large enough to store the string that you tried storeing.

Look here for sample usage: ... c7(v=vs.80).aspx

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