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 Post subject: Shader VMK 102 - Animation Gui Fader
PostPosted: Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:52 pm 
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In this video I add another new Animation class to the Shader engine. The AnimationGuiFader is used to fade gui objects according to the easing function specified. I also demonstrate how to stack animations so that you can have multiple effects running at once.

 Post subject: Re: Shader VMK 102 - Animation Gui Fader
PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:11 am 

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I like how this is coming together and it would be quite easy to add a few other types of animations such as scaling, skewing or rotating objects in a similar matter as in the mover or translation type of animation. With the use of having the function pointers for a done or (next) function and with the use of the timer animation, you can easily make pulsing effects on an object and as well as many others. The engine is truly starting to get interesting now that we are getting closer to seeing sprite objects, particles, effects and more. Then the fun shall begin when we get into developing more intensive shaders such as mirror, water, shadows, fog effects and more, even if it is only in 2D to start with. Once these foundations are in place adding a 3rd Dimension will not be that difficult to do; especially if we begin to integrate both the Animation & Shader Managers to where specific Animations have their own written shader programs. Then finally comes the game design, flow, logic, scoring, leveling, ai, physics, sound and possibly even integrating networking capabilities. The frame work you are designing is very profession even if it is of a small caliber compared to the leading engines in the industry. I truly enjoy your professionalism and the ability to explain such a robust application in a simplistic manner. This Engine is of a much higher caliber than the previous version of the Game Engine that was used to build Ghost Toast.

I completely enjoy the fact that I've learned more concepts about the C++ language in a general sense such as the keywords sealed, override, mutable, volatile and have a much easier understanding of detecting compiling and building errors when constructing template classes, polymorphic classes, abstract data types and more.

Some of the things that I have not yet seen you take advantage of with the newer features of the C++11 language that I would like to see clearly explained are the lambda functions and expressions, R-value references, constexpr, template aliases and variadic templates. Some of these may only be C++ extensions while others were added to the core language, but it would still be very useful to learn these in an easy manner so that when it comes time to construct my own working source code the struggle becomes less of a burden. This would help to move my skills past an intermediate to an almost expert level towards achieving the skillful master status. However a true master of the language will know that one never stops learning new things in their perspective field. This is the beauty and what I love about programming in C++ since it is continuously evolving.

 Post subject: Re: Shader VMK 102 - Animation Gui Fader
PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:35 pm 

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Took a bit of a break the last few months, but just wrapped up VMK 102 and back on track. Excellent additions over the last 10 VMKs and can't wait to see more releases!

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