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 Post subject: Shader VMK 108 - Updates
PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:23 pm 
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In this video I update the source code to work with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. I also update the code to use newer version of all the external libraries: libpng v1.6.18, zlib v1.2.8, libogg v1.3.2 and libvorbis 1.3.5

 Post subject: Re: Shader VMK 108 - Updates
PostPosted: Fri Nov 20, 2015 2:34 am 

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Downloaded and installed VS2015; ported the solution from either vs2012 or v2013 over to vs2015. I updated all of the external library dependencies to their newest versions and have rebuilt all of them for each version of VS including vs2010 and some libraries for VS2008 where my first Game Engine - Ghost Toast still resides! Everything is building without any errors or warnings and everything is working as expected. Took a little bit of time considering I had to open all of the newer versions of these libraries within each version of VS! I don't know if there are any major differences between vs2015 & 13 or 12, but I'm sure there has been some things that were deprecated while newer features have been added.

I'm still using Windows 7 x64bit and I have no plans of upgrading to either Windows 8.1 nor Windows 10. I'd rather wipe my hard drive using a partition manager by writing all bits and bytes to 0s, then create a new partition and format the drive then reinstall windows 7, all necessary updates and drivers, all the newest versions of the applications and programs I have, and reconfigure my settings, before I would upgrade. If I do decide to upgrade I would rather purchase a new computer where all of the Hardware Supports all of the features of Windows 10 instead of trying to upgrade this machine with the possibility of having OS - Hardware conflicts; however this is something that I can not afford to do at this time. I think I have another 8-10 years left on this machine, provided my hardware doesn't quit working on me!

I have enjoyed my Intel Core2 Quad Extreme for about 7 almost 8 years now, but I wouldn't mind having an Intel i7 of the newest generation and even then I still may want only Windows 7 and not Windows 8 nor 10. I have found Windows 7 to probably be one of the best OS that MS has ever came out with and actually achieved getting it right and almost perfect where their other operating systems were filled with their own problems, headaches and nightmares. I'll never forget Win 95 or 98 with the missing drivers and missing *.dll files and the constant windows popping up every time you start the machine and load windows or open an application. Vista and XP were okay; Vista and 7 have features that Win XP doesn't have which when I go back to using XP for specific software, I begin to miss using those features. Never used or own Windows ME or 2000 and Windows 98 & 95 were okay in the aspect of introducing Direct X libraries for Windows Compatible games, but those two operating systems were filled with annoyances. Now Dos 6.0 with either Windows 3.0, 3.1, 3.11 or OS2 was great, however most games ran under dos and you had to manually create your directory, copy the files over either from a floppy disk or cd, then run the install file and you still weren't done; you then had to set the Sound Card's IRQ, DMA channels and port numbers, etc. and sometimes you even had to set your video card's properly! This was a small light weight operation system combination and very simple to use as long as you didn't delete any files that you weren't supposed to, except the annoyance of having to configure every game manually, but during that era that is how it was normally done! I have found Windows 7 to be my favorite of all the Windows operating systems especially with the Support of Direct X 11.1. I don't like 8 at all, and I haven't used 10 yet to know if it is any good or not, but am curious about what is in store for Direct X 12!

I don't have a problem with upgrading to a newer compiler so as long as it doesn't force me to have to upgrade to a newer operating system!

I can not wait to see what you have in store for the next few videos within this series!

I can not wait till we get into writing the actual shader code to do tasks such as Multitexturing and Texture Arrays, Light Maps, Alpha Mapping, Bump Mapping, Specular Mapping, Rendering To A Texture, Fog, Reflections, Water, Multiple Point Lights, Glass & Ice, Fire, Billboarding, Blur, Instancing (We Kind of Covered), Particle Systems ( Partially Covered in the Physics Engine but on the CPU ) - (Would like to see this done within the Shaders), Shadow Mapping, Multiple Light Shadow Mapping, Soft Shadows, Projective Texturing, Projected Light Maps, Managing Multiple Shaders, Directional Shadow Maps, Shadow Mapping w/ Transparency, Deferred Shading, Height Maps, Terrain Lighting, Terrain Texturing, Quad Trees, Height Based Movement, Color Mapped Terrain (sort of covered this in Ghost Toast), Terrain Mini-Maps, Terrain Blending, Sky Domes, Bitmap Clouds, Perturbed Clouds, Terrain Detail Mapping, Sloped Based Texturing, Terrain Bump Mapping, Small Bodies of Water, Terrain Texturing with multiple layers, large terrain renderings, and foliage.

If we are almost at VMK 110 now and we haven't even started with 2D sprites and you do eventually include these topics when we begin the 3D part of the ShaderEngine I could image the VMK count being up to nearly 300 or more! Yes many of these are advanced concepts; but these are the concepts I would like to get a better understanding of by hearing and seeing their implementations being explained. I have done many of these through online tutorials within Direct X but those tutorials are text only and some of those sites do not even have a community or support. Its been a long journey and I almost can not believe that I've been a member of your site for nearly 7 - 8 years. I have learned so much in those years and look forward to learning new techniques.

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